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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Encourage or influence others to follow a positive way.
Being polite and concerned of others by thinking of how your actions might make them feel.
Extremely good or Excellent
Above average -Above normal
Good characteristics-moving forward -Opposite of negative.
Someone who is loyal to you and you have a close relationship. You usually have fun together.
_______ is the actions taken by someone with a bad attitude who enjoys hurting others feelings, intimidating or physically making them do what they want.
Truthful and sincere to others.
To give support, confidence and hope to others by complimenting with uplifting and nice remarks.
Feeling appreciation of kindness or thankfulness to someone who has done something good for you.
To make a ______ is to assure someone that you will do something and definitely do it.
To treat others the way you would like to be treated with high regard.
Being friendly , generous and considerate to others.
To have____________means to do something that may be frightening but you must be brave and get it done, anyway.
A ________ is someone who is harmed or suffers due to another's action and thinks that they are unable to help themselves.
Feeling cheerful, joyful , content and showing a smile.