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New Year's Day 2017

For Luka and Harriet

A bundle of wheat
Having the flavor of game when it s kept until it is high.
The feeling you get after a long airline voyage.
To close and open one eye quickly.
Past of the verb to shine
The event of greatest intensity
Outlet through which volcanic materials are discharged at the earth's surface.
A lump or bundle of soft material
Fellow of the American Institute of Architects
Either/or, neither/ ...
To force open or up by leverage - British English usage
Tibetan for The abominable snowman
A breed of cat that does not have a tail from the Isle of Man
A silvery-white metallic element.
A small industrious social insect
Breaths in convulsive gasps when weeping.
"Hail" in Latin
Dates and places for a band to play
Prefix meaning one.
To utter musical sounds with the voice.
The liquid extracted from foods.
First person plural subjective pronoun
Straight up
Told an untruth
Two of anything
Of quiet and steady character
Flying mammal
A thought of some consequence
A successful stroke or move
More free
To author or originate
Precious red stone
The mount in Jerusalem
The base of our numerical system
The form of the indefinite article used before nouns beginning with a vowel.