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Properties of Soil/Weathering, Erosion, Deposition

Material in the soil formed from decayed plants and animals
Very fine particles of sand, clay, or other material that is carried by moving water and deposited as sediment
An extremely small part or piece of matter
The process where earth materials are broken down and moved from one area to another
The action of physical conditions on Earth that cause earth materials to change in color, texture, composition, or form; process which breaks down rocks into smaller pieces
Matter containing the decomposed remains of once-living organisms
Small stones and pebbles
A soil that contains mostly sand and silt and some clay
Small particles of sand, soil, shells, pieces off rocks and minerals, and organic matter deposited by, water, wind, or ice
Process by which weathered and eroded material is deposited b wind, water, or ice
A mixture of decaying organic material, weathered rock, water, mineral fragments, and air that takes thousands of years to develop
Substances that an organism needs to live, survive, and grow
Small particles of rock found on beaches and in the soil
A thick layer of compacted ice and snow that stays frozen all year
A natural Earth material having a crystal form and its own physical properties; occurs naturally in rocks and in the ground
The smallest rock particle found in soil