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Analogy Crossword Written by Grade 3 "Kick Me" Class

Violin is to _________ as trumpet is to brass.
Cat as to _________ as dog is to puppy.
100 years is to a century as 5 years is to a _____________.
Yes is to no as ________ is to naysayer.
Broken is to fix as _______ is to sharpen.
______ is to day as moon is to night.
Bad is dab as racecar is to __________.
Ball is to _________ as box is to cube.
Star is to shiny as cow is to ________.
Hurricane is to rain as _________ is to snow.
Baby is to adult as ________ is to dog.
Naughty is to nice as pull is to _________.
Winter is to white as summer is to ________.
Puppy is to baby as dog is to __________.