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Cell Reproduction

Made of microtubules and helps to move the chromosomes
Division of the nucleus
When do the chromatids separate at the cetromere and move to opposite poles
Division of the actual cell
Two chromosomes that have the same gene sequence as each other
One strand that makes up a chromosome
When are the chromosomes most visible
DNA is copied or duplicated
Full set of chromosomes
What gets copied in interphase
The cell is growing in size
When does the nuclearenvelope disappear
Pinching inward of the cell membrane in animals
Occurs in eukaryotes to form gametes and reproductive cells
Mitosis is checked and cell exits mitosis
Occurs in eukaryotes for growth, repair , and asexual reproduction
Rapid cell growth and and protein building in preparation for mitosis
When does the nuclearenvelope reappear
Rod shaped structures made of DNA and proteins
Structure that holds two chromatids together until they separate during cell division
The time between cell division
Occurs in prokaryotes
Less tightly coiled DNA-protein complex
Vesicles from the golgiapparatus join together in plant cells
The replicated homologous chromosomes