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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword

made by: Dawn Heather and Billy
Who was the adult the ruined scouts first day of school?
Who is the family on the block that is considered spooky? 
Who is scouts brother?
Who shot the rapid dog on the street?
Who is Aunt Alexandras son? 
who is the narrator in the book?
Who is the man that walks to town every morning? 
Who is the man the disappeared and was never seen again?
Who was the man on trial for rap?
Who was the women who said i can build another house smaller so there is more room for her flowers? 
Who dose scout say she was thinking about shooting after atticus shoots the dog? 
Who came to the finch house to be a close guardian to scout teach her all the lady things in life? 
ho is the father of the family the Cunninghams? 
Who dies in the beginning of the book that was never really a character? 
Who is the women that lied about Tom Robinson rapping her? 
Who is the "gossip" queen in Maycomb? 
What town recently got told it has nothing to fear but fear itself?
who is the kid that ran away from his family because he didn't feel love from his family? 
Who is staying in Landing when Aunt Alexandra comes to the finch house? 
Who is the father to Miss Maudie?