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Author: Salsa
Cause. Jesus is the __ 4 the season
Curse on those who do not believe Christ's message
Birth of Christ foretold by prophets (means "in flesh")
Pride. An __ trip is a bad trip
What Rudolph does not say when Santa asks him to work Christmas Eve
North Pole Airline (ab) (aka Rudolph & reindeer)
Christian festival of God's manifestation
Winter plant. Have a __ jolly Christmas!
Frozen white flakes
Israel city. Holy child of __, cast out our sin & enter in, be born in us today
Redemption. The King of Kings __ brings
Mistletoe @ a party full of lechers is a bad __
Santa's pitched landing pad
Means "God with us." O Come, O Come __
Christmas tree or holly
Santa cranks it up after working all night in the cold
Lapland transportation booked 4 Christmas Eve
Led 3 kings 2 the King of Kings
Sister with a dark habit
Sacred paintings & sculpture
# of lords a-leaping
Everlasting. Jesus was born to give believers __ life
Christmas candle fragrance
Seal-the-deal prayer ending
There was no room here
Reindeer name or impish fox
Hurl a snowball
Christmas season & log
Spirits. In this world of sin, meek __ receive Him still
Distress signal Santa sends out when flying off course
EVOO & anointing __
Cut-up pig or just a cut-up
Christmas stockings hang on it
Rustic crib 4 Christ child
Worship. O come let us __ him, Christ the Lord
Possess a new tow
Gifts are placed under it
Jesus reconciled God & __
Santa would rather find this in a chimney than fire
Country with 50 states of bliss