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Merry Christmas!

Author: Salsa
International celebration. Christmas is a holy __
Sheep herds. Shepherds guard __
Gift tags say __ & from
Red Christmas flower
Does Rudolph refuse to work Christmas Eve?
Gave grub to reindeer
Christmas log & season
Virgin Mary did not get this anesthesia
These take holiday photos
Santa's flying critters
Holiday dairy drink
Precipitating frozen flakes
Barn. Jesus was born in a __
Iesus Hominum Salvator (ab. for Jesus, Savior of men)
Reindeer Anonymous (ab)
Mortals. Jesus was sent to reconcile God & __
Sack. Santa totes toys in a __
Study of ancient ruins that corroborate the Bible
Maple syrup is a sugary __
Joyous. On Christmas we sing __ Birthday to Jesus
Jesus, Joseph & Mary found no room here
We 3 kings brought this to the King of Kings
Overtime (ab)
Solace. Jesus' birth brought tidings of __ & joy
Baby Jesus was wrapped in __ clothes
Religion rejects Jesus' resurrection & deity
O Tannenbaum is a Christmas __
December 25
Christmas color
Santa's sled
Info. The Gospel is Good __ of salvation in Jesus. John 3:16
Climbing equipment
EVOO & anointing __
Evening. Silent __, Holy __
Infant. Jesus was incarnated as a __
# of maids a milking
Pursue. Wise men still __ Jesus
Snooze. Cat __
Tot's gift