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7th Grade LA Vocabulary Review

To humble yourself in a degrading way before someone
Joyous; extremely happy
A facial contortion expressing pain or disgust
Extreme confusion or disorder
Yellowish and pale
Genuine, real
Self respect and honor
Overly emotional
A person (usually wealthy) who gives money to charity
To question
Fake; phony; counterfeit
Miserable; filthy conditions
Goodness; moral excellence; a good quality or feature
Unable to be heard
Faultless; free of error
To think deeply or consider carefully
Complicated; involved, detailed
Without musical instruments as accompaniment
Cheerful; friendly
Existing always, without beginning or end
To force
Dull; lacking brightness
Found not guilty
Falling to pieces; broken down
Warm and friendly
Not continuous; stopping and starting
Full of meaning; having great impact
Unclear; having more than one meaning
Great suffering
Very unfriendly
To place under water
Very small
To confuse
To tip or swerve from side to side
To rise from; to become visible or known
Anger; fury
Unpleasantly damp