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Julius Caesar.

Leader of the conspiracy against Caesar.
Where the battle takes place.
Gives Caesar a letter of warning, which he does not read.
A senator put to death after Ceasar's assassination
Leads Antony away from Caesar.
Brutus's servant who brings him the forged letter from the conspirators.
Distracts Caesar while the conspirators surrounded him.
Informs Cassius and Brutus of Caesars attempts for the crown.
Portia's brother dies in the battle while proclaiming he's the son of Marcus Cato.
Killed Cassius when asked to do so.
Captured in the second battle, impersonating Brutus.
Holds the sword for Brutus to kill himself.
Returns from a scouting mission to find Cassius dead.
Convinces Caesar to attend the senate after Calpurnia's dream.
Senator sent by Brutus to tell the citizens no one else will be harmed.
"Beware the Ides of March."
Joins Octavius and Antony for the second triumvirate.
Brutus's wife.
Caesar's Wife
A poet that is killed for having the same name as a conspirator.
Convinces Brutus to let him speak at Caesar's funeral.
Refuses to hold the sword for Brutus to kill himself on and a friend of Brutus.
Ruler of Rome, is murdered halfway through the play.
Adopted son of Caesar.
Conspirator that plants the letters and convinces Cassius to get Brutus to join the conspiracy.
Senator that wishes Cassius well before the killing of Caesar.
Reports Portia's death to Brutus.
Betrays Caesar and kills him.
The enemy that Caesar defeats in the beginning of the play.
The city where most the play happens.