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Ch. 7 Science Vocab

Daniel Barber 8W
Change in size, shape, form, or state of matter in which the matter's identity stays the same
Amount of substance in a certain volume
Type of mixture in which the individual substances are not evenly mixed
Characteristic of matter that you can observe or measure without changing the identity of the matter
Matter with a composition that is always the same
Small particle that is a building block of matter
Means to form a solution by mixing evenly
Mass per unit volume of a substance
Anything that has mass and takes up space
Amount of matter in an object
Characteristic of matter that can be observed as it changes to a different type of matter
Type of mixture in which the individual substances are evenly mixed
Type of substance containing atoms of two or more different elements chemically bonded together
Change in matter in which the substances that make up the matter change into other substances with new physical and chemical properties
Matter that can vary in composition
The ability of one substance to dissolve in another