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7th Grade Vocabulary review 9-12

A park where trees and shrubs are displayed and studied.
Objects made from clay.
Stubbornly determined to do what one wants.
A clear container housing plants and small land animals.
The scientific study of animals.
A standard of artistic beauty.
A thin board on which and artist mixes paint of different colors.
Presented in parts; presented in a sequence.
A tryout.
A collection of writings by various authors.
Repetition of sound, usually of consonants, especially at the beginning of words.
A craftsperson
The environment a plant or animal normally lives in.
A preference; a tendency to act in a certain way.
A group of excerpts from musical pieces blended into one longer number.
To grow crops; to prepare soil.
The claw of a bird of prey.
Heavily and often excessively decorated.
To tempt but deny satisfaction.
A feeling of jealousy.
To represent an animal, object, or idea as having human qualities.
To have great ambition or desire.
Unwilling; not wanting to do something.
A traditional saying widely considered to be wise and true.
The scientific study of plants.
A large cage or building for holding birds.
A type of lizard that changes color.
A long poem or other literary work about heroes and their adventures.
Overly emotional or sentimental.
An extreme exaggeration.
To continue trying despite difficulties.
Acting that uses gestures and facial expressions without speech.
A large image on a wall or ceiling.
To help grow and develop.
Full of sad wishing or longing.
To strongly desire something belonging to another.
An indirect reference to something.
An additional performance demanded by an audience immediately after a program.
Watchful and cautious.