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Back to the Renaissance!!!

Language of ancient Rome and the Roman Empire
Picture made up of many pieces of colored materials
Something terrible happening; disaster
Christian Warriors who went to win Holy Land back from the Turks
Of the Middle Ages, the "Dark Ages"
What began to be important to people during the Renaissance
Economy which developed during the Renaissance
The appearance of depth on a flat surface; point of view
A way of thinking or the study of human thought and the problems associated with being human
Ancient Greece and Rome
Of the common people
Period of European history when a group of REFORMERS broke away from the Catholic Church and founded new churches
Group which supported to the flourishing of art and learning
Brought in new ideas from the east
Someone who studies, a student; YOU!!!
What someone or something CAN become
What was most important to people during the Middle Ages
Places where the Renaissance began
Charter which protected the rights and privileges of nobles
What humanists believed that people should be allowed to achieve
What the humanists studied
A three dimensional piece of art
Period in Europe when there was a rebirth of interest in art and learning from classical times
Blossoming, blooming, flowering
Supporter of the arts
Optimistic belief in the worth of the individual
Everything that humans do or make