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An opening in the leave surface that allows for gas exchange
An element required by plants, used in ATP
A chemical messanger effective at very low concentrations
Male gamate produced by plants
The organelle where photosynthesis occurs
System of tube like structures
A waxy coating on the surface of leaves and stems that helps retain water
Made primarily of cellulose and pectin, surround the plasma membrane
these plants are small because they do not have a true vascular system
Open channels through which material can flow from cell to cell
An element required by plants. Used in amino acids, promotes vegetative growht
Completes life cycle in one year or one growing season
Reproductive structure of plants
Attaches leaf to stem
A large organelle that contains fluid and helps maintain the cell's rigidity
Tissue that contains the most photosynthetic cells
These plants make spores, not seeds
An element required by plants, used in membrands
The process by which plants transform light energy to chemical energy
One of the 2 cells around a stoma
Flowering plants
A symbiotic relationship of plant roots and a fungus
Meristem that will grow leaves and shoots
The capacity to cause change
Tissue that will grow and differentiate
A chemical that hardens the cell walls of plants