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Byzantine Empire Review

World History, Unit 4
Name of the peninsula that Constantinople sits on
Warriors who conquered Kiev Rus in the 13th Century
Type of artwork involving small tiles of enamel, glass and stone that became famous during the Byzantine Empire.
Language spoken in the Byzantine Empire.
Architectural marvel and race course that was also a public meeting place for the Byzantine people.
Russian word for leader (comes from the Roman word for leader)
The narrow inlet of water that the city of Constantinople is on.
Grand Prince of Russia that was responsible for the conversion of Russia to Orthodox Christianity.
The Byzantine Empire is also known as the ____ ______ empire.
Justinian was an ______ emperor, meaning he had total power.
Group of people, famous for their ship building and warrior skills, who joined with the Slavs to create Kiev-Rus
Influential wife (former actress and dancer) of Emperor Justinian
This capital of the Byzantine Empire had a great location for trade and protection.
The architecture, religion and written language of this country was greatly influenced by the Byzantines.
Alphabet created by Byzantine Monks to give Slavic people an alphabet
Famous church that was the first to use a "free-standing" dome
In the Byzantine Empire, they practiced _______ Christianity, not Catholicism.
This Byzantine emperor ordered a collection and simplification of all Roman laws.
Event in which thousands of Byzantine people stood up to Emperor Justinian, only to be massacred inside the Hippodrome
The people of Eastern Europe are called this.
Emperor Justinian smuggled the secrets of how to make this valuable good from the east.