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Rocks and Minerals

Gneiss is an example of this type of metamorphic rock
Example of clastic sedimentary rock
Pure substance by ordinary chemical means HINT: Periodic Table
Not made up of living things or the remains of living things
A ____ is a solid geometric form that results from a repeating pattern of atoms or molecules
Coffee, juice, tea, kool-aid
Rising of regions of the crust to HIGHER elevations
Substances made up of living things
_____, erosion, and deposition are what sedimentary rock is created from.
The Earth has a ____ ____ that makes it have north and south poles
When sediment comes to rest
_____ Rock is created from magma cooling
____ metamorphic rocks are not arranged in layers
Substance made up of molecules of two or more elements
Strongly bonded atoms put together
A silicate tetrahedron has ____ oxygen atoms
Example of nonfoliated metamorphic rock
The color of the powdered form of a mineral HINT: uses a ___ plate to determine minerals
Building blocks of matter
Anything that has volume and mass
Measure on the MOHS scale from 1-10 (diamond being the highest)
All of the types of rock can be melted into ___
The measure of how much matter is in a given amount of space HINT: measured in grams per cubic centimeter
How many properties can be used to identify minerals
____ igneous rocks form on the OUTSIDE of Earth's surface
A naturally occurring usually inorganic solid that has a definite crystalline structure and chemical composition
Nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen
Tendency of a mineral to split along specific planes of weakness to form smooth, flat surfaces
Breaking unevenly into pieces that have a curved or irregular surface
____ rock is made from temperature and pressure
Example of an extrusive igneous rock
Sinking of regions to LOWER elevations
A ___ ___ means the CRACKS in tectonic plates
Three types of this rock or clastic, chemical, and organic
Has a definite volume and shape
Process by which sediment moves from one place to another
Series of processes in which rock changes from one type to another
The shininess or dullness of a mineral
Naturally occurring solid mixture of one or more minerals and organic matter