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Plants ch. 9

Sticky substance that is on plants
Different number of plants and animals
Positive or negative response to a stimuli
A flowering plant that produces seeds inside a fruit
Plant that grows for 2 seasons
Plant that has tubes for transporting nutrients
Plant that does not have tubes for transporting nutrients
Plant structure that contains seeds
Tiny opening for gas exchange
Science teacher
Connects roots and leaves
Anchors non vascular plants to a surface
Lacks vegetation
Time in which heartrate and body temperature decrease during cold weather
Tissue that transport water up to the rest of the plant
Makes new xylem and phloem tissue
Waxy layer of a leaf
Key to survival
Plant that grows for more than 2 seasons
Process in which plants make oxygen and food
Plant that produces cones
Tube that carries food down to the rest of a plant
Plants that live in water
Grows for one growing season
Group of cells that work together for a specific function
Plant that produces cones
Principal at OJHS
Reproduction of a gymnosperm
Leaf of a fern