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Learning More About Christmas from Christmas-opoly

Author: Santa
Tradition of lump of coal started here
The kind of music elves like best
This edible makes into an ornament
Original title of Jingle Bells
364 gifts during this time
Refusing to kiss while under the mistletoe was at one time considered
Italians put this in kids stockings as a joke
11% of people ____fruitcake
The original candy cane was_____
American holly has come to stand for_______
People here and close by built a snow woman 122' tall in 2008
First written for Thanksgiving, not Christmas
Arguably the best known verses ever written by an American
Introduced the first poinsettia to the United States
At one time this was more popular than lights for xmas tree decoration
Before 2001, this was the biggest shopping day
Thomas Edison's assistant
Will make the magic reindeer food sparkle
Infection that caused Rudolf's red nose
Joy is a source or cause of keen pleasure or____