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Salesian Saints

Salesian Saints
She was called to love and serve as John Bosco did.
Who became an altar boy at the age 5?
Laura was a patron saint of ___ victims.
Laura`s family left the country after her ___ death.
St. Mary Mozzarella had her focus on the ___ of God`s love.
While dying, St. Dominic did not show ___ for what was coming.
St. Mary Mozzarello was the co-founder of the ___ of Mary Help of Christains.
When falsely accused of something, St. Dominic did not do ___.
Mickey was an Italian ___ of John Bosco.
What did St. Dominic study to be?
She was a chileon holy figure.
He was a street kid and in a gang.
St. Mary Mozzarella was a women of faith and ___.
Dominic is a ___ of choir boys and falsely accused
Laura had hope to ___ herself to God.
This person wrote a book about Mickey.
At what age did Mickey die from gastric hemorrhage?
Mickey planned to be___ because he did not like how he who he was.
St. Mary Mozzarella was also known for her ___ and willingness to help others.
Laura surrounded herself with God`s ___.