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Valentine's Day 2017

January 15 2017
What our Valentine's range has in common with our current campaign
Where we source our lavender oil
This lip scrub tastes of vanilla cupcakes and is desired all year
This bath melt is going to require some assembly by us
This Oxford Street Exclusive is being released for the first time in the US
This twin to Never Mind the Ballistics is going to be a big hit!
Our limited edition knot wrap reminds us to "Stop and Smell the..."
This vanilla absolute and brazillian orange bath bomb is for people who don't care for florals
Where we source our Geranium oil
This quad shot of rose features rose infusion, rose oil, rose syrup and rose petals
This massage bar has aloe, rosehip syrup and carnation
Jacob uses this as favorite laundry detergent
Where we source our Rose Oil
This Vanilla Pomegranate shower cream is Joanna's seasonal favorite
This bubble bar sells out quick every year but at the same time is a little evil
Where we source our Argan oil
Where we source our fair trade shea butter