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Merry Christmas

Author: Vita
Everyone like a lot of stars
She's adopted
Because a regular room just isn't good enough when you can have one of these. Zack and Cody would know the answer to this one.
He can't come... :-(
Its about 1200 square miles give or take. It's where we're going.
Its the most important month
Doesn't know
Too many clues for this one
Under fire
Its better than New York. Also a starting point.
This one is just a distraction. So don't pay much attention to it.
Its like a vita but you know has more vita to it. Something you go on with people you like.
Motel, Holiday Inn
1800s Bill Gates. But not a Rockefeller
As opposed to an old Puerto. Also where we're going.
Its a month
Can't have this without 14 across