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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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6th Grade, Week 18, 1-9-2017

Choose from the  following 17 words: (-umb):
numb, dumb, thumb, succumb, crumb, plumb, sugar, won, key, product, bank, total, farther, irrational, irrelevant, irreversible, irresistible
Senseless, insane or foolish
A financial comany that keeps your money safe; the edge of a body of water like a river or lake
Result or answer, as in multiplication; goods or things created to sell for money
Unchangeable, irrevocable or permanent
Probe or go into water pipes; vertical, as in construction
A digit (finger) on the hand; flip through, as through a book
A tiny bit or morsel of uneaten food
Add up; whole or complete
Achieved or conquered
Inescapable or overpowering
At a greater distance or beyond a certain point
Item that unlocks something; important or essential
Speechless or unable to speak well
Unrelated or unimportant
Die, surrender or give in
Sweet substance or sweetener
Deadened or insensitive