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Benchmark Review- 5th grade Science

Plants need this gas to survive
Rocks that are formed by compaction of sediments
Salt and sugar dissolve, fruits and vegetables do not dissolve
Wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy
Energy of moving parts
Bends objects and makes them look larger
Example: Blinds on a window, pull the rope down to raise up
What is changed in an experiment
Type of soil that does not absorb water very well
This color reflects more light than others
A characteristic that an animal is born with
Formed by deposition of sediment at the mouth of a river
Formed from decaying plants and animals and found in sedimentary rocks
The spinning of Earth on its axis which takes 24 hours or one day
No power for device to work
Metal objects sink in water
Thermal energy found beneath Earth's crust
This is created when wires are connected to both ends of a battery
Weather conditions over a long period of time
Travels in a straight line