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bible quiz

Another name for Peter
Bible book that refers to the rainbow promise
This book says you reap what you sow
Bible book that mentions Armageddon
Chapter in Matthew that says not to call anyone on Earth Father
Book that says to keep yourselves in God's love
Chapter in the book of John where Jesus said the Father was greater than he was
The chapter the rainbow promise is found
The apostle that replaced Judas
She prevented David from killing her husband
Chapter that Armageddon is mentioned
Location where Jesus turned water into wine
This prophet was bald
Book that contains prophecy about Jesus being called out of Egypt
The queen Esther replaced
Another name for Matthew
The name of the Jewish High Court
Book Jesus quoted from when being tempted by the devil
Paul had this citizenship
The dominant tribe of the 10 tribes of Israel
The instrument that will sanctify God's name and vindicate his sovereignty
The third plague on the Egyptians
The bible says he was a man with feelings like ours
He said there is more happiness in giving than receiving