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Happy New Year!

Author: Salsa
Merry. A __ heart works like medicine. Prov17:22
New Years Eve pyrotechnics
Imbibe. Some Christians __ of Holy Communion on New Years Eve
R able. Focus on what U __ do this year, not what U can't
Promises 2 change
Declares. God __ we can start anew this year. 2Corinth5:17
Huge party or smash
Permit. __ my prayer come B4 U as incense. Psalm141:2
Catholic with a dark habit
Happy-go-lucky, insouciant
Injurious. Don't speak __ words
Sick. Forbidden fruit will make U __. John Bunyan
Ancient language & Paris dining area
Mopey. __ folks R full of gloom & doom
Not out. Ask Jesus 4 4giveness 2 get __ Heaven
Obstinate. Don't be __ & die in your sins
New Year month
Did Jesus say most religions lead to Heaven? John14:6, Acts4:12
Mini arrow
Go backward, turn back 2 sin
Big bird house
Ultraviolet (ab)
Old Testament name 4 God
Circular object. This drops @ Times Square @ midnight
Invest. __ time & $ on God things now & reap good things later
Happy expectations
Festivity. Revelers go 2 a __ on New Years Eve
365 day cycle
Enemies. 4give your __ so God will 4give U
Substitution. 2 quit a bad habit, find a godly __
Climate conditions. Happy memories warm the heart in cold __
Memories. So live that your __ will bring U joy
Feeling. Excitement gives U a tingly __
1. Eat __ orange
Maternity ward (ab)
We or United States (ab)
Yearly. New Years Eve is an __ event
Companion. A pet is a good __
Abrahams homeland or text 4 "you are"
Kitchen-related. __ delights don't lead 2 DUIs
Florida (ab)
Worked. Play is only meaningful after U have __
Maple pancake topping
Romantic flower. __ Bowl Parade
Coffee. Strong __ looks like lava, not kava
Assnine Revelers Imbibing Liquor (ab)
Dip. __ chips in dip
Night B4. New Year's __