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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Grade 6 Review of Ancient China

Created the civil service examination system
Appointed officer who makes sure that government workers do their job
People should put the needs of their family and community first
Liu Bang founded this dynasty
Zhang Qian's exploration of the West caused China's trade to ____
This period time made people look for ways to restore order in China
Chinese medical practice that eases pain through the use of needles stuck into the patient's skin
Responsibility of children to respect their parents
The belief that people should live in harmony with nature
Invention adopted in the West after A.D> 1000
According to the Mandate of Heaven, a king's right to rule comes from ____ ___
This device for riding a horse was adopted in the West or the shortest length of time
Also called the school of law
Simplified the Chinese writing system
His philosophy stress that society needs a system of harsh laws and punishment
People who share a similar position in society
Who is superior to children
Overthrew the Shang dynasty
This dynasty has the fewest important contributions
Caring, respectfulness, tolerance, diligence and kindness
This invention was the first adopted by the West
This philosophy from Laozi stressed the importance of nature
Most people of Shang China were this
The belief that all people with a talent for governing should able to govern
Vast network of trade routes for Chinese goods