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Adult Education, Spring

Floor where AE Staff are located
Adult Education Manager
Name of the new test students may take to show high school completion
Transition program at MXC would have a focus in _____
Program title that helps students speak, listen, write, and read English better
Adult Education Manager
Number of days if missed in the beginning of each term that causes a NSW
Floor where most AE classes are offered
Free classes offered on Saturday for AE students
Transition Specialist
Number of hours for ESL students to post test
Number of days that missed in a row causes a ADW
Transition Specialist
The process of moving from Adult Education to College
Transition Program that helps students take college classes
ESLTP, Coordinator
One of three new Adult Educators
One of three new Adult Educators
Number of hours for GED students to post test
Week of class to get an ID picture taken
One of three new Adult Educators
Dean of Adult Education
Program for 16-21 year olds
Name of the test students may prepare to take to show high school completion
Cost of the AE classes, books, and ID's