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Author: Salsa
New Year's promises to change
Floor cleaning tool
Year (ab)
Concept. Hope 4 the future was God's __. Jeremiah29:11
New Year's pyrotechnics
Cultivate. __ good seed to reap tasty rewards
Being. If U question God's __, question your motives
Permit. Y __ old sins ruin a new year?
Regards. What a man likes 2 do, that he __ right 2 do. Goethe
Design. When I obey Christ I become a new __. 2Corinth5:17
One. Resolutions R __ attempt @ repentance
Opportunities Exist (ab)
Sister with a dark habit
Rapt. Get __ in a movie
Be. Do not let Satan paint scenarios that do not __
Dodge. 2 B happier this year, __ sin
Crooked. Some R hell__ on going 2 hell
Shakings. God breaking bad habits = good __
Gourmet cheese & salad shop
# of God's Commandments
Ancient language & Paris dining quarter
Noah's animal ship
Spring month or band activity
Omelette ingredient
Male pronoun
Big boat. The past is not your future; that __ has sailed!
Look back on last year
Enduring. Thank God 4 __ last year's storms
It's the __ that makes the high
Oppressive ruler. A guilty conscience is a __, but God can wash away sin. 1John1:9
Earn. __ God's favor
Cereals. Y sow wild __ then pray 4 a crop failure?
Risk. __ 2 live life
Mocked. Some who died last year __ @ the prospect. Amos4:12
Mesmerizing. Fools pursue Satan's __ hallucinations
Seizure. Satan is attempting a hostile __ of my life
Don't get drunk tonight & U won't suffer a __ tomorrow
Male & female mixed event
Formal male suit
Start. __ good, godly habits 2 B happier
Jewish scholar
Musical composition
Caregivers. Find good pet __
What U __ with God now determines what He does with U later
Kind, type
Give Satan an __ & he'll take a mile
24 hours. Tomorrow is a new__
Independent Grocers Association (ab)
Who is responsible 4 my choices?