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Author: Salsa
Month of new year
Part Bible pages 4 a 2nd read
Plant. We reap in a different season than we __. Galatians6:7
Gets closer. Reflect on eternity as new year __
Sad. An ungodly life is an __ one
Exceeds. Jesus' love __ knowledge. Eph3:19
Preserve memories w/these
Builder. A __ erects New Years extravaganza
2 live w/o God is 2 __ w/o hope
Tense. Lord, help me not be so __ out
Post-death existence of eternal agony or ecstasy. Daniel12:2
Champagne or fountain trait
End. New Years Eve is __ of current calendar
Behave. Next year I resolve 2 __ righteously
Christ. I can have new life via __ this year. 2Corinth5:17
Fresh. @ every turn in the road a __ illumining is needed 2 find the way & a __ kindling is needed 2 follow the way. Dunne
Yearly. New Year's resolutions R an __ decision
365 day cycles
Revive. God will __ the dead. John5:28
Desire. Those who do as they __ R rarely pleased w/themselves
Is it wise 2 commit sins I will regret 4ever?
Wit. A good sense of __ takes the edge off life
Floats & marching band processions
The past. __ is history, tomorrow is a mystery, that's Y today is a gift called the present
New Year's promises to change
Horrible. Hell will be __, so do everything necessary to avoid it
Sudden alarm. Islamic terrorism causes __, Jesus brings peace
San Francisco (ab)
Underground train
A marching __ follows floats
Tardy. Regarding repentance, better __ than never
Providing. __ U repent U won't perish. Luke13:3