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8th Science Vocabulary Review

Positive particles of atoms
Uses bars to show magnitude of the data
Shows trends in data
Fuel made from living things
Variable affected by changes in independent variable
Is made up of only one kind of atom or molecule and cannot be separated into its parts by physical means
A group used as a standard of comparison in an experiment
Any compound that increases the number of hydronium ions when dissolved in water
The reaction of an acid and a base to form a neutral solution of water and a salt
Any compound that increases the number of hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
A possible testable answer or explanation
Negative particles of atom that move around the outside of the nucleus
Instrument used to measure force
Series of steps that a scientist follows in order to solve a problem
The smallest unit of a compound that has all the properties of that compound
Reveals the details of faraway objects
Part of atoms found in the nucleus that has no charge
A wish, conscious or unconscious to have an experiment lead to a certain conclusion
A pure substance that forms when two or more elements join chemically
Factor that you deliberately change
Instrument used to measure volume
The use of technology to alter or improve living things
A compound that can reversibly change color depending on conditions such as pH
A display that shows data as parts of a whole
Is equal to the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom
The number of protons in an atom
Basic building blocks of most matter
A value that is used to express the acidity or basicity of a system