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Algebra Crossword #2

Polygon with five sides
A relation where each x value has only one y value
Polygon with six sides
A polynomial with one term
A value that does not change
A number or expression multiplied by another number or expression to get a product
The middle of an arranged data set
A number that is multiplied by a variable
The likelihood of an event occurring
Distance around the outside
The average
A monomial or sum of monomials
The ratio of vertical change to horizontal change
Data that occurs most frequently in a data set
A polynomial with two terms
A whole number
Coplanar lines that do not intersect
Polygon with eight sides
A quantity whose value changes
A polynomial with exactly three terms
Angle with measure less than 90 degrees
A unit for measuring volume
Statistical measure that shows how pairs of variables are related
The longest side in a right triangle
A mathematical statement that two expressions are equivalent
Arranged in or extending along a straight or nearly straight line
A number or expression that is raised to a power
A solution to an equation f(x)=0