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World Geography: Chapters 8-10

A person who buys & uses goods & services
The regular daily rise & fall of ocean waters
Feeling more loyal to one part of a country than to the whole country
The five countries of northern Europe: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, & Iceland
A long, deep, narrow, U-shaped valley formed by glaciers that begins far inland & reaches the sea
A warm ocean current that begins in the western Caribbean Sea & travels northward through the Atlantic Ocean
A hot spring that throws jets of water & steam into the air
The highest point of a mountain
A company or farmer who makes a product to sell
A nonviolent change in the late 1700s that included a great increase in the use of iron, steel & machines
The world's largest land mass; the continents of Europe & Asia together
A tax that countries put on goods they import
A system of money
A language that comes from Latin
A way to measure how rich a country is by dividing total income by the number of people
A strong wind
A narrow passage between two larger bodies of water
An economy in which the makers of products compete for the buyers of products
A very small country
A rolling plain covered with grasses & low shrubs
Heavy machinery, steel, & other such industries
A low-lying swampy area that is covered by water for long periods of time
The buying & selling of goods & services among people in different countries
A piece of land that was once part of the sea
A form of language
The cold area at the most northern part of Earth
A wall that prevents flooding & keeps back the sea
Plants that have died & rotted; material burned for heat
An opening in a mountain range