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EOC Review Honors Biology

Emma Beauchamp P2B

Things that stay constant in a scientific experiment.
The center of a chromatid.
A prediction based on your information.
End result of electron transport chain.
Substance in which solute dissolves.
Specialised organelles in leaf cell that collect light
Bond formed when two atoms share electrons.
Three letter nitrogen base in MRNA.
Organic compounds joined together to form functional units in a cell that help it carry out life processes.
Subatomic particle with a negative charge.
Another term for Independant Variable
Ribonucleic Acid
All organic molecules contain _____.
What is the haploid gamete produced in females?
What is the codon pair of Adenine in a DNA strand.
The process ATP and GLucose go into in the Mitochondria?
A group of similar cells.
What is the haploid gamete produced in males?
The control center of a cell.
An individual living thing.
Where does the light dependant reaction occur in a chloroplast?
Membrane that surrounds the nucleus.
Provides energy in a cell.
Smallest functional unit of life.
The cell produced in females that doesn't participate in reproduction.
The most basice unit of matter. 92 types.
Two or more atoms bonded together.
Two long strands of complementary chains twisted around each other in double helix.
A gas that's produced by plants.
Same number of protons and electrons but extra/missing neutrons.
Four chromatids lined up.