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Jesus in Creeds

Creed that states Christ is redeemer and savior but omits crucifixion and ascension
Written by Council of Nicaea
This is who Jesus came to Earth to save (Nicene)
Two creeds mention this crucifier of Christ
What Jesus is in Korean Creed
Jesus sitteth on the _____ hand of God the Father
Creed used by most Christian denominations with slight variations
Korean Creed uses this description of Christ
Affirmation of faith written by Methodist bishop
Nicene says Jesus is the _________ son of God, not made.
In Modern Affirmation Jesus is the gift of the Father's unfailing ______
Went up into Heaven
Had a part in incarnation of Jesus as man
Jesus is the promise of our ________ from sin and death
Earthly mother of Jesus Christ
On the ____ day he rose again - stated in two creeds
In Apostles Creed this is what Jesus will do
A word used for Jesus in two creeds
What Jesus is in Korean Creed