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ILS Crossword: Jacob Vogl

Most rapidly growing form of ADR
A way to test evidence led by the other party
A written report which is signed by a person who promises that information is true
Methods to resolve conflict other than litigation
Textbooks, legal dictionaries, and treatises are all examples of _____
T/F evidence and truth are the same thing
"Legislation" includes both statutes and
The act of adjusting or determining the dealings between persons without pursuing the matter through a trial
Very knowledgable witness on a particular subject
Who might you call a "finder of facts"
A ____ bill affects an individual or a designated group
Type of ADR that makes a binding decision
A bill becomes law only once it receives ____
Many individuals believe this to be the most difficult form of witness examination
Judge made law
T/F "ILS" stands for "introduction to legal studies"