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Music Terms

The way you shape your mouth to play your instrument
Tells you how many beats are in each measure and which note gets the beat
A scale composed only of half steps and includes all twelve notes
A quick, lively tempo
Soft dynamic
An articulation that is short, light, and separated
The most important musical line in a piece of music
Gradually slow down
A rhythmic figure in which three equal-length notes are played in the space of either one or two beats
The clef generally used by higher-pitched instruments
Coming up with and playing musical ideas spur of the moment, without written music
The final section of some pieces of music; indicated by a specific symbol
Loud dynamic
The position of your body and instrument. Should be sitting up nice and tall on the edge of your seat!
A curved line between two (or more) notes that indicates not to tongue the second note
A sharp, flat, or natural sign that appears in front of a note and remains in effect for the rest of the measure
An articulation that is smooth and connected
Appears after the clef sign and tells you which sharps or flats should be played during the piece (can change later in the piece!)
Playing the same notes and rhythms at the same time
An articulation that is emphasized and strong
The speed of the beat
Very loud dynamic
A crucial element to creating a good tone on a wind instrument is proper ________ support.
The clef generally used by lower-pitched instruments