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John Chapter 15

A man must lay down his ______ to show his greater love.
What kind of works does the fruit represent?
What did Jesus teach his disciples to do?
If they have ________me they will also ______ you. (same word root)
What did Jesus want his discples to exprience by abiding with him and bringing forth righteous works.
If we keep the ___________ we will abide in the Saviors love.
Why do you think ___________ Jesus is the best way to show love for him?
What does the vine represent?
We want to become________ not servants.
What is the result of staying firmly connected to the Savior?
If we do not abide with the Savior we will be put in the ______.
Who cares for the vineyard?
Who did the Savior say would testify of his Divinity?
Once a branch is _______ it can not produce fruit.
What do the branches represent?
What must a branch do to grow fruit?
How does the world feel about the disciples?