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Sophia's Math Crossword

A circle with a radius of one unit
Lines that form a 90 degree angle when crossed
Highest or lowest point in a parabola
Makes a line
Mental Abuse To Humans
Space inside a 3D shape
Space inside a 2D shape
Line that splits an angle
A whole number
Middle point of a line
Infinite series that does not have a finite sum
The space inside a 3D shape, expressed in cubic units
Pi x Diameter
Infinite series with a finite sum.
Number with an "I"
Real number that makes a fraction
A number that can only be divided by itself
A line within a circle
Half the diameter of a circle
Number multiplied by itself
The study of triangles
The height above the midline
Number in front of a variable
Highest exponent in an equation
Measurement across a circle
The power a number is raised to
Directed line segment, containing a direction and magnitude