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Order of Mass

going forth to glorify the Lord by our lives
We stand and listen to the Gospel of the Lord.
We remember our sins and ask God for mercy.
We pray for our needs and the needs of others.
This prayer of thanksgiving is the center and high point of the entire celebration.
We sing an acclamation of praise. Fill in the Blank. Holy, Holy, BLANK
The priest prays that God will accept our sacrifice.
The bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ
We proclaim the mystery of our BLANK
We listen to God’s Word from the New Testament.
We go in peace, glorifying the Lord by our lives.
We receive God’s blessing.
We gather as a community and praise God in song.
We listen to God’s Word, usually from the Old Testament.
celebrating Christ’s presence in the Eucharist
The priest or the deacon explains God’s Word.
hearing God’s plan of salvation
Fill in the Blank. We pray the Our Blank
Blank After Communion—We pray that the Eucharist will strengthen us to live as Jesus did.
We offer one another Christ’s peace
We give thanks and praise to God.
We bring gifts of bread and wine to the altar. Fill in the Blank Presentation and Preparation of the BLANK
We respond to God’s Word in song.
preparing to celebrate the Eucharist
We praise God in song.