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National Spanish Exam p.19-28

You need this to travel to other countries
Your mother's brother
Your parents are your mother and your ____
Where you go to use the bathroom
You can read these
The opposite of right
A person who works at school and teaches you
These are the 26 letters that we use to form letters in English
This is where you go to get groceries
To go
This is where you can check out books for pleasure or for a research project
A woman who is married to a man
A means of transportation that ride on a railroad
We take these to make sure we know the information the teachers have given us
You can go here to see animals
Your mother's father
To return
A trip
A room
This is where you go if you are sick or injured
Where you park your car
This is what you do to prepare for a test
Not your daughter, but your _____
The opposite of left
A bus
What you walk up to get to your attic
Not the door but the____
A ____ notebook
What you stand on in your house
Your parents are your father and your ____
The opposite of your sister
Your father's sister's daughter
Where you go to board an airplane
Someone who is related to you
A tourist
This is where we go to praise God
This is a sheet of paper that can help you find out where you are or how to get somewhere
Not your enemy, but your ____
To solve something you must ____ about it
We have science ____ and math____
Not the window, but the ____
A flying means of transportation
The place where you live
This is the tool you use to write that is not permanent