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Civil War Crossword

Amendment of the Constitution that voting rights cannot be hindered based on race.
Served as a notorious Confederate prison during the American Civil War.
Sea fort that beheld 2 notable battles in the American Civil War.
Amendment of the Constitution that officially abolished slavery.
Presidential proclamation and order given by President Lincoln, theoretically "freeing" all slaves in the states that seceded.
Battle based in Tennessee. Confederate army launched a surprise attack, then the Union was reinforced and launched their own surprise. Union victory.
General for the Union, later ran for president against Lincoln and failed.
Speech given by President Lincoln in honor of fallen soldiers.
Last major Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River; Its capture aided the completion of the North's Anaconda Plan.
Amendment of the Constitution that prohibits states from interfering with the citizens privileges.
Major battle of the American Civil War that was fought in Virginia; Confederate troops were twice the size of the Unions' yet still resulted in a Union victory.
Confederate general; nicknamed "Stonewall"
Court house in Virginia that the surrendering of the Confederacy to the Union happened.
Case that ultimately decided that civilians couldn't be tried by military courts as long as their were open courts.
The 16th President of the United States
Also known as the Battle of Hampton Roads; most notable and arguably the most important naval battle during the Civil War.
Union general; known for the harsh "scorched earth" policies.
American abolitionist; gained attention during the Bleeding Kansas crisis.
Battle fought in September as part of the Maryland campaign. Union Victory
First major battle in the American Civil War, ended with a Confederate victory.