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Judaism 3

Jews believe they can each have a personal relationship with God though____
Two values that are of great importance to Jews are equality and social _____.
The collection of ancient interpretations of the Torah, first written down in the 200s B.C.E.
The belief that God is all-_____
The basic laws of Judaism, given by God to Moses on Mt. Sinai
the holy scripture of the Jewish people which includes the basic laws of Judaism
In Jewish belief God is all _____
The holy day of rest and prayer.
The name given to Jacob, by an angel of God.
Jews believed that even their____ had to obey God.
The king who unified the kingdoms of Israel
The southern kingdom of the Hebrews that was captured by Babylon in 579 B.C.E
The capital city of King David's kingdom and the site of the great temple
The belief in one single God.
A lasting agreement Abraham made a ________ with God
A Jewish place of worship.
The Jewish festival which celebrates the Jews victory over the Syrians and the re-dedication of the great temple in B.C.E.
Standards of right and wrong, like those given to the Hebrews by God.
The Jewish king who had the great temple built, which causes the northern kingdom of Hebrews to break away
A religious leader and teacher who studies and teaches other about the laws found in the Torah
The departure of the Hebrew people form slavery in Egypt.