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3rd Grade, 1-17-2017, Week 19

Choose from the  following 17 words: (-ight): night, light, knight, plight, might, fright, flight, right, sight, tight, slight, bright, write, young, feet, year, land
A period of time of 12 months.
Put language down on paper; compose as in music.
Shiny or illuminated; not heavy.
Part of the day after sundown and before sunrise.
Immature and inexperienced or not full grown.
Trip in an aircraft; flee or disappear quickly.
Extreme fear or terror.
Ability or power; possibly.
Bottom part of the legs people walk on; plural of foot, a measurement of 12 inches.
Correct, fair, or appropriate; a direction that is the opposite of left.
Ability to perceive with eyes; horrifying person or thing; a spectacle or something worth seeing.
Thin or small in build; a meager or tiny amount.
Noble person; horseman.
Earth's surface or ownable property; come to rest on (plane); achieve or acquire.
Shiny; sunny and clear weather; intelligent; hopeful or promising.
Dilemma or difficult situation.
Close, snug, secure or cramped; stingy or rigid with money.