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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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6th Grade, 1-17-2017, Week 19

Choose from the  following 20 words: (-ance) perchance, glance, trance, dance, France, stance, prance, equal, fit, beat, row, inch, office, yard, value, sensible, audible, possible, tangible, collectible.
Line or sequence; move a boat with a paddle; argument or fight.
Reasonable or realistic.
Moving feet and body to music; a party for moving to music.
Unit of length (1/12 of a foot); narrow margin or very small amount of something.
Quick look, peek, or glimpse.
Grassy area or lawn around a house; unit of measurement (3 feet).
Antique or valuable; money owed.
Show off or dance.
Position or posture; viewpoint or attitude.
Something that is real or touchable.
Defeat or win; injure by striking hard; very tired or exhausted.
Place of business.
Maybe, possibly, or perhaps.
In good shape; appropriate; seizure or sudden emotion like a temper tantrum; belong; equip or furnish.
Able to be heard or discernible; loud or deafening.
Alike, fair, or make even.
Half-conscious state or hypnotic condition.
Likely or achievable.
Country in Europe whose capital and largest city is Paris.
Financial worth; importance or merit.