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Divine Daughters Of God

Partner to King Lamoni, a "Noble Woman" in the Book of Mormon.
Magdalene, a "Tender Follower" of Jesus Christ.
Wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith, a "Witness to the Restoration".
Mother to John the Baptist, great example of "Pure Devotion".
Courageous Jewish Queen.
Sister to Martha and Lazarus, magnified the "Spirit of Living Hope".
Lamanite woman, who was "Loyal to the Lord".
Mother to Joseph Smith, Lost three son's to an angry mob.
The First Mortal Woman, "Mother Of All Living".
Daughter-in-law to Naomi, great example of "Loyalty and Love".
Wife of Abraham, "Mother of all Nations".
Righteous Judge in Israel.
Mother of Jesus, had a "Mission of Great Dignity'.
Wife of Lehi, and a "Goodly Mother to Nephi and his brothers".