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Module 7 Science

Lens shaped clouds that form when air expands in a low pressure area such as mountainous regions
The point at which earth is closest to the sun
The way in which the rotation of earth bends the pathway of winds, sea currents, or objects the fly through different latitudes
Prefix added to clouds when they are higher than usual
Imaginary lines that run east and west across the earth
Fluffy clouds formed by air rising and increasing volume that the cloud occupies
The point at which earth is farthest from the sun
A steady condition that prevails over time in particular region
Suffix added to clouds when they are darker than usual
The conditions of earth's atmosphere at a particular time
A boundary between two air masses
Imaginary lines that run north and south across the earth
Incoming solar radiation
Clouds that are layered low in the sky, and occur when a mass of warm air is lifted into the atmosphere
Clouds that form at the top of the troposphere, and are made of ice crystals forming a whisp/curl look
A large body of air with relative pressure, uniform pressure, temperature, and humidity