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6th Grade, 1-23-17, Week 20

20 words: faze, raze, daze, gaze, glaze, graze, hazelnut, amazement, sheep, visit, sold, electric, include, gray, major, arm, prelude, precaution, predict, preheat. 
Silvery; drab.
Limb of the upper body; branch or subdivision of something bigger.
Feed on; touch or scrape.
Mammal related to goats which provide wool for clothing.
a round brown hard-shelled nut; a filbert.
Preventative measure or carefulness.
Important, sizable, or large-scale.
Exciting, thrilling, energetic, or magnetic.
Embarrass, annoy, or bother.
Introduction, prologue, or beginning of an event.
Varnish, sheen, finish, or coat.
Warm up before cooking in an oven, for example.
Confusion, shock, or bewilderment.
Awe or astonishment.
Social call upon another.
Long, fixed stare.
Express an outcome in advance; anticipate.
Contain, involve or add.
Flatten, bulldoze, or knock down.
Given away in exchange for money.