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Start of the Spanish-American War

The United States agreed to pay $20 million for the __________ islands after the war.
The idea that a country can increase its power by taking control of or influencing weaker countries.
The USS _____ was sunk in the harbor of Havana, Cuba.
Cuba was a Spanish ___________.
Type of sensational reporting that used exaggerated and emotional stories to sell papers.
Who's naval forces quickly defeated the spanish fleet in the philippines?
What ship fired the opening shots of the war?
Not all battles took place in Cuba, some took place in the __________.
How did most people get their information in the United States and around the world?
What country saw similarities between the Cuban struggle for independence and its own?
Who was the president in 1898?
Cuba wanted to win its ______________ from Spain.
Who did the journal blame the sinking of the Maine on?
Who was the leader of the Rough Riders and would go on to become president after McKinley?
Most of the deaths in the war came from ________ and accidents.
Papers called the Spanish ruler in Cuba a ________.