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Flowers For Algernon Puzzle #1

Psychologist that the main character sees. Pg. 28
Main Character Pg. 1
Owner of the place where main character works. Pg 1.
Mouse must complete in order to get cheese.
Book that the main character read after his surgery. Pg. 36
Main character's sister. Pg. 9
Author of Flowers for Algernon
Main characters' job pg. 5
Mouse who can run mazes. Pg. 7
Ink blot official name. Pg 55
Place where main character works. Pg 5
Main character teacher at the adult school. Pg 1
Professor that doesn't want main character to talk about his surgery.
Girl who main character gives a locket for Valentines. Pg 52
Main character started out with a ____ of 68. Pg. 8