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Ancient India Facts 7th grade

Ava and Olivia, show what you learned about Ancient India!
Warrior class
Name of the ancient Indian city that did NOT fall to the 1st Mauryan Emperor
Name of the primordial demi-god whose body parts created the universe as well as the ancient caste system
These tales were supposedly told by the Buddha to teach people how to live a better life
Sanskrit for "foothold of a tribe"
This 'migration' happened around 1500 bce and ended in roughly 500 bce
Name of the language spoken in India at the time of the Aryan Migration
Buddhist believe that this sort of desire leads to human suffering
Sanskrit word for the caste system
Indian prince who took up the life of a beggar to find enlightenment
The name of the epic Indian poem of 100,000 lines
Ancient city of the Indus River Valley that lies along the east of the Indus River.
The feet or lowest class of Indians
____________ Kush mountains lie along the north western border of modern day Pakistan & Afghanistan
This mountain chain creates a border between China and India
This ancient Indian empire existed from approximately 300 bce to 125 bce
The country in which the ancient city of Harappa is located
The 3rd and greatest of the Mauryan emperors
Name given to a person or group of people who do not believe in a god
Number of paths the Buddha believed would lead to a happy life
Name of the river in India to the west of Mohenjo-Daro .
This ancient religion is practiced by more than 400,000 people in the modern world
Priestly class